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Way ahead - RoadCloud


RoadCloud as a Data Supplier for a World Leading Innovation

Svevia has received funding to develop its road maintenance methods and technology. RoadCloud is honoured to be the data supplier in the world leading innovation.

"We are driving developments in the road industry and have already shown that with better information retrieval we can optimize our plowing grounds and adjust the amount of salt on the road. These are measures that make a big difference to the climate impact. There has also been a great relief from stress in the work environment of operators and salt truck drivers. In addition, there are also financial incentives in the form of increased efficiency and better traffic safety" - Andreas Bäckström, Svevia.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with B&M systems development, the Swedish Transport Administration, Vti, Klimator, SMHI, Vaisala and Roadcloud.

For further information contact

Ari Tuononen
+358 50 560 4702