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Our Story

One of the most challenging problems in the vehicle industry is to identify upcoming road conditions. Currently, many active safety systems in production cars suffer from unknown road friction that varies constantly based on road and weather conditions. While this deficiency is tolerated nowadays because of the human driver, it is totally unacceptable for the self-driving car. Thus, road friction estimation is one of the key enabling technologies for more autonomous and connected road traffic. Particularly when combined with other information sources, we can take the road safety to a completely new level.

After years of tire-road friction and vehicle dynamics research experience at Aalto University, we founded RoadCloud to provide information services to enable autonomous cars on the roads safely in all conditions. We have developed unique technology that collects multiple real-time data streams persistently from vehicle fleets and sends them to our data cloud where our algorithms create real-time road and traffic information for our customers. In addition to autonomous driving, the information can be adopted into traffic information and road maintenance systems creating new opportunities in the field of mobility. Our unique business model adds value for both our information customers and for our fleet partners. The technology is here today and we are eager to increase our service coverage to new cities, countries and continents.


Years of intensive tire-road friction and vehicle dynamics research have refined our idea of providing information that matters for the autonomous driving and the future of mobility. Our experience in academic research, automotive industry and ICT provides a strong foundation to deliver on our mission: Make roads safer.

CEO Ari Tuononen worked for Goodyear R&D in Luxembourg 2011-2012 and optimized tyre performance e.g. for emergency braking situations. He is leading vehicle dynamics research group at Aalto University with outstanding results: nearly 100 scientific publications and 4 instructed PhD's in 5 years. (List of publications: Aalto publication database & Google Scholar)

Ari was nominated as a Academy Research Fellow (2014-2019). Ari founded RoadCloud in 2014. He realized MVP by himself and programmed every single line of code for firmware, back-end and map-based front-end. He also attracted the first paying customers and since 2015 RoadCloud fleet has been collecting data to its database.

Ari Tuononen

CEO, D.Sc. (Tech)

+358 50 560 4702


Arto Niskanen

FLEET, D.Sc. (Tech)

+358 50 571 5165


Jaakko Laine

DATA, M.Sc. (Tech)


Markus Ovaska

DATA, D.Sc. (Tech)


Karl-Kristian Högström

Business, M.Sc. (Tech)

+358 40 565 4622